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Tax Trilogy Formed a Strategic Alliance with A/P Recovery, Inc. (APR)

Dearborn, MI, March 2, 2012 - Tax Trilogy, LLC, a leading global indirect tax compliance and consulting firm, today announced the establishment of a strategic partnership with A/P Recovery, Inc. (APR), a nationally recognized leader in off-site recovery audits and prevention technologies headquartered in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.  This partnership represents another milestone in both firms’ continued growth allowing each to provide an expanded service offering to their current and future clients.
Tax Trilogy offers comprehensive indirect tax compliance and consulting services that include: nexus reviews, data processing, return preparation, audit defense and supply chain analysis and optimization.  As a firm, Tax Trilogy is constantly looking for ways in which we can better serve our clients and provide them with the most innovative solutions to their most complex indirect compliance requirements.  This is in direct alignment with APR’s long standing reputation of delivering the best recovery solutions and prevention as well as exceptional client service.
“The alliance with APR is part of our strategic growth plan for 2012” says Nancy E. Hazely, President & CEO of Tax Trilogy. “We are excited to be able to provide our clients disbursement management through APR,” even more so “we look forward to being able to tap into new market segments and industries to provide our indirect tax compliance and consulting services to APR.”
About A/P Recovery, Inc. (APR)
APR is the undisputed leader in off-site recovery audits and prevention technologies for disbursement management.  APR’s goal is to deliver the most thorough and unobtrusive audits in the business.  They are experts in the identification, validation and recovery of profits, and will arm you with the necessary information to improve your financial performance with meaningful recommendations.
Audit with Confidence
Audit - By deploying advanced technology and methods, their process dives deeper to find more errors. Simply put, they find more money. They blend data, technology and the human touch to provide unparalleled recovery services for some of the most respected companies in the world.
Confidence - iKnowNow provides clear and concise answers and is your first line of defense in preventing disbursement errors. It’s simple, secure, easy to use and is delivered without the need to purchase or install software.  At APR, they deliver the best recovery solutions, the best prevention tools, and exceptional client service.
Toll Free: 877.906.4558 | | 975 Johnnie Dodds Blvd. | Mt. Pleasant, SC