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Delivering Superior Tax Solutions  

Advancements in document management and workflow systems have provided corporations with monumental gains in efficiency; shouldn’t tax enjoy the same benefits?

Our clients enjoy exclusive access to our proprietary TriloConnect™ application—an online document storage and workflow management system which provides 24/7 web accessible data management and workflow monitoring. TriloConnect™ offers users the ability to monitor certain key compliance performance metrics and comprehensive workflow capabilities driving transparency and increasing visibility to notices and project management. Documents such as exemption certificates, tax returns and proof of mailings are all available at the user’s fingertips in a safe and secure environment.

Key Features include:

  • Dashboard Reporting provides a graphical depiction of key metrics
  • Secure online access to pertinent documents and reports with automatic email notification of updates
  • Interactive notice management, with alerts and action plans logged and visible to users
  • Automatic delivery of compliance reports and robust issue management, driven by pre-defined escalation protocol for notifications
  • Collaborative engagement; a secure area to share, communicate and track all follow-up activities
  • Ad-hoc reporting capabilities with pre-existing templates for ease of use and formatting, if necessary